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01 01/2015 | 00:00

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Feeding Zebra Finches

20 05/2008 | 15:59

One of the joys of keeping Zebra Finches is that their feeding requirments are fairly simple. The following information may be of assistance in helping you keep your birds fit and healthy.

Various Foodstuffs and drinkers for Zebra Finches

A mixture made up of about 50%  panicum millet, supplemented with white millet, a little red millet, Japanese millet, canary seed, and a small proportion of niger seed, will provide the basic essentials of a balanced diet. Rather than buy all these seeds in individual quantities it is possible to buy them ready mixed and supplied as a Foreign Finch Mixture obtainable from your local pet store or direct from one of the many suppliers who advertise in Cage and Aviary Birds. An occasional millet spray will also prove beneficial. When buying seed you should ensure it is free of dust and possible vermin contamination.


It is essential that your birds have permanent access to a supply of grit. Without it they will be unable to digest their food properly. Generally there are two forms of grit available. These are a fine oyster shell grit, which will suffice on its own, and also a tonic grit. For the best results supply a mixture of both.

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